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We are located in Central India, in Indore - The commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh. We provide Naturopathy and Yoga treatments for curing the following diseases:

Absorption of toxins Acute and chronic designator Acute sinusitis Allergies Back ache Bronchitis Colds Constipation Cataract Diabetes Diarrhea Facial paralysis Gastroenteritis Hypertension Migraine Myopia Obesity Osteoarthritis Piles Reduction of swelling Relaxation of tension Sciatica Tonsillitis Ulcerin.

Continue From Home Page .....Following this first premise is the second, that the therapies used to support and stimulate this healing power of nature must be in "the gentlest, least invasive, most efficient manner possible".

The third Naturopathic premise is "to diagnose and treat the cause". Naturopaths do not simply treat the manifestation of the disease but rather search for the cause and treat it. To accomplish these goals, Naturopathic medicine incorporates many therapeutic modalities: herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, hydrotherapy, food, exercise therapy, physical therapy, manipulation of the bony and soft tissues, lifestyle and counseling. Additionally, some Naturopaths elect to continue their education to receive a license to practice natural childbirth.

Naturopathic medicine treats the patient from the preventive stage through to serious, chronic and debilitating disease. Therefore, people can go to Naturopaths for colds, bronchitis, allergies, as well as for heart disease, diabetes, and malignant diseases.

Naturopathy is fast gaining popularity around the world for its safe and effective healing. In Indian homes, home remedies come before the trip to the doctor. All ailments are believed to be caused by what you eat and what you don't eat. Hence, a traditional Indian doctor will first make slight adjustments to your diet before he prescribes a medicine, which is the last resort.